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southernwitch's Journal

Hoodoo, Conjure, and Two-Headed Folk
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This is a community both for Southern witches and for those whose practice has roots or strong branches in the South....that would include Hoodoo, Conjure, Voodoo (Voudoun, Vodun or however you spell it), Appalachian witchcraft, Feri, and probably a few I haven't thought of.

I prefer to keep the discussion to indigenous folk magic and practices, though I won't be rigid about it.

I also welcome discussion, as I've been around enough to know that real practioners of this stuff are a temperamental and opinionated lot. I was raised here in the South, have a lot of exposure to people who DO practice and who don't write books, and I practice it myself.

Recommended reading:

http://www.luckymojo.com Catherine Yronwode's book on the subject is a pretty accessible work. The same can't be said for the most traditional writers....Henri Gamache, Hohman, and the lot. Gain some familiarity with the topic in general, before you start trying to puzzle your way through those. There's a little bit here and there in the Foxfire books....

And it can't be learned well from books, anyway. It's more of an attitude, a body of knowledge, and an approach. Reading 50 books on the subject doesn't make you an expert.

Oh, and...I once had a very irritating individual try to tell me that all magical practice in the US was neo-Pagan/Wiccan, that nothing else survived except what could be found in books, and I was just making it up. The fact that places like Rondo's on Mitchell St. in Atlanta have been there for sixty years, and William Henry Hyatt, Zora Neale Hurston, and others were writing about it in the '30's and '40's made no impression.

I guess you could say my main rule for discourse here is: Don't talk like a fool.