Tau Vescha.Sur (vescha_sur) wrote in southernwitch,
Tau Vescha.Sur

New Hoodoo Formula's, Powders, Oils, Charms

Did I fail to mention that I have uploaded several Hoodoo Powders, Oils, Candles, Spells, Charms, etc.?

I am also now offering a liquid Castile version of my bath soaps, these I will be uploading as I prepare more formula's. Some of the conditions I will be creating will be for Uncrossing, Love Drawing, Money Drawing, etc.

I am also in the process of making some Saint's Candles for Guede and Legba. These will be done in a few days.

And then I will have another Vodou Bottle and Altar Devotional pieces added later in the week. These are most popular next to my Hoodoo Condition Oils, and Spell kits, which have been primarily custom orders.
Respects to the Ancestors,
Tau Vescha.Sur

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