I cared not for consequences but wrote (elorie) wrote in southernwitch,
I cared not for consequences but wrote

St. Michael protection

I recently started this as a way to protect someone. I thought y'all might be interested.

I bought three St. Michael candles (I intend to eventually use nine, but will buy them in batches). I burned some bay leaves for incense and dressed them with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Then I wrote the name of the person threatening them on brown paper and crossed it out, then put it face down under the candle. I also dressed a small sword (you can use a knife, I happened to have a letter opener in the shape of a sword) with cinnamon and clove oil and place it in front of the candle.

As each candle burns down, I will light the next one. I intend to keep this up through nine candles.
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