Vervain Rose (cor_cordivm) wrote in southernwitch,
Vervain Rose

yet another newbie

Hello all, I'm cor_cordivm and I hail from North Carolina.  I'm a semi-solitary, sorta-British oriented pagan with a research bent, and although my main work doesn't have much to do with Southern folk magic/spirituality, I'm interested in a couple of different threads of it.  One, I want to find out more about the folk magic roots the English, Irish, and Scots put down here, as a way of informing my main work.  Two, hoodoo, Voudoun, and Lucumi have fascinated me for years, and I just plain love getting to talk about them and listen to people talk about them.  Three, I'm really starting to like what I've seen of Feri, and that it has some of its roots in hoodoo intrigues me.

So: that's me!  I'm excited to be here!
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