rio_luna (rio_luna) wrote in southernwitch,

Another Newbie

Hi and Ibashe-O!

I'm rio_luna, new to your community. I've been serving the Orisa for about 15 years, via AfroCuban Santeria and Lucumi. I'm Cuban by descent but this is not a family tradition by any means.

I'm not an initiatory path at the moment, and my contacts with the Orisa are far more tenuous than I would like. I'm hoping connecting with this community will be a bridge back.

I became a witch during the 9 years I lived in North carolina. Altho I now live near Denver, Colorado, I have a deep connection to the Piedmont area of central NC, I literally fell in love with that land and my connection to it really fueled discovering my own path and power as a witch.

Glad to meet everyone.
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